Located in downtown Greenville, SC, Falls Park is a nature lover’s heaven.  People often gather here to play, work and celebrate occasions. The park is a multi-use facility that appeals to those of all age levels and interests.


Most of the land around Falls Park was used as hunting grounds by the Cherokee Indians.  In fact, the Cherokee may have set temporary summer camps along the Reedy River. Indian artifacts have been found on the north side of the river bank.

Events at the Park

Falls Park is one of the most popular destinations for weddings: the Quarry Garden and Old Mill Garden are beautiful settings for these occasions.  Taking photographs at any of the sites in the park is also encouraged. Throughout the year, Falls Park hosts many festivals, music, benefits, stage performances,  and public events.

Old Mill Garden and Rock Quarry Garden

When looking for an intimate gathering, look no further than Old Mill Garden.  The site can hold up to one hundred people and can be rented for an eight hour time frame.  This garden is known as a secluded retreat and is popular with photographers and wedding parties alike.  This garden combines water, rock and impeccably maintained flora.

Art in the Park

Public art is scattered throughout the area.  There are sculptures created by renowned artists, such as Chihuly.  Other sculptures can be seen by Bryan Hunt and Joel Shapiro. Visitors can take a public art walking tour of the park to enjoy and learn the history behind the art seen in the park.

Main Street

Falls Park has many trails that lead to Main Street, which is home to many local attractions.  These attractions include craft beer pubs, restaurants and local shops. Local history is abundant on Main Street, anything from Shoeless Joe Jackson to Joe Westin can be discovered.  A game of scavenger hunt is also available with the popular Mice on Main. Walking across The Liberty Bridge offers a great spot for a picnic by The Reedy River Falls.


Walking through the trails at Falls Park also brings opportunities to discover the restaurant scene on Main Street.  Anything from Southern to American to International cuisine is available. There are also plenty of artisan cafes and bakeries available to try.


The largest suspension bridge in the state is located in Falls Park.  The bridge, at 355 feet long, overlooks the waterfall and is a nice place to take in the sun.  The bridge is known as an architectural wonder to the locals, and the landscaping around the bridge, waterfall, and parks enhance the already natural flow of the river.


There are many trails to bike, walk and run throughout Falls Park.  The Swamp Rabbit Trail is a challenging walk, but is one of the favorite trails for tourists and locals the same.  The trail is a 19.9 mile greenway system that offers plenty of non-motorized recreational opportunities.

Located in Greenville’s historic West End, Falls Park has become the crown jewel of the South Carolina city.


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