In the south, playing and spending time outdoors is a way of life. In Greenville, South Carolina, there is a place that runs alongside the Reedy River where locals and tourists can spend hours biking, hiking, and playing in the sunshine. This place is the Greenville Health System (GHS) Swamp Rabbit Trail, and it is incredibly popular among visitors and locals.

The Location

The GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail, as stated, runs alongside the Reedy River on a historic riverbed. With 19.9 miles of trails and land, it is an extremely beloved hiking, walking, jogging, and exercise destination. It opened back in 2009, and it has been expanding and improving ever since. It lies within Greenville, SC, where the weather is beautiful for most of the year.

The Food

Along the trail, as it has become more popular, are more and more interesting food stands and drink locations. You can buy snacks and even meals such as pizzas while enjoying your hike at the Swamp Rabbit Trail. With a wide variety of food and beverages available, it should be easy to find something to suit your tastes! In the summer, there are even ice cream stands with delicious frozen treats.

Biking the Trails

The main activity along the Swamp Rabbit Trail is biking. The trail is just under 20 miles long and stretches from the downtown Greenville area to a lovely place called Travelers Rest. You can bring your own bicycle, or there are multiple places along the trail to rent bikes. On the Travelers End side, you can stop by Sunrift Adventures. If you start in Greenville, there’s Pedal Chic, Swamp Rabbit Inn, and Reedy Rides for your rental needs. There’s even a spot in the middle of the trail for rentals called the Swamp Rabbit Trail Bike Shop. With all of these shops, it is incredibly easy to find a bike to enjoy the trail!

Walking and Hiking

Another popular option is simply walking or hiking the trail. It is rather long at nearly 20 miles, so many choose to only walk part of the trails. Whatever you decide, the trail is lovely and relatively easy to walk. There are not many hills or steep inclines, and while some sections are tougher than others, there are maps and ways to find the paths that would best suit your desires.


Geocaching is a fun activity to do on or around the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Although the trail itself does not actively hide geocaches, they do have numerous active boxes on or near the trail. The modern-day treasure hunter would have a great time hunting down geocaches on the trail.


Swamp Rabbit Trail is also dog friendly, as long as the dogs are on a leash and owners clean up after them. Enjoy some quality time with your canine pal as you stroll along and take in the beautiful scenery. Both you and your dog are sure to have a nice, relaxing time enjoying the sights and sounds –and food.

There are many things to do and see at GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail. If you plan on visiting South Carolina and you’re in the Greenville area, be sure to check it out!