The Liberty Bridge in Greenville, SC, honors Frank Hipp and his family. Frank Hipp was the founder of Liberty Corporation and made many contributions to the city of Greenville, SC and the community. The structure cost over four million and took twelve months to construct.

Bridge Construction

The bridge has been described as an ultra-lightweight structure that seems to almost be floating in the air. The bridge is 345 feet long, eight inches thick and twelve feet wide. The deck is made of reinforced concrete and is supported by one suspension cable. There is a distinctive curve to the deck design that has a radius of two hundred and fourteen feet and is levered toward the waterfall. Although bridges of similar structural ideas have been built in and around Europe, the Liberty Bridge is unique in the United States.

The Falls

Below the Liberty Bridge lies Reedy River Falls. This is the site where the first European settler to Greenville established his trading post. The first settler was Richard Pearis, who later built saw and grist mills at the very location that also later became the hub of the industry in the Greenville area.

Downtown Greenville

The opening of Falls Park and Liberty Bridge in September 2004 signified a huge milestone for the city. For forty years, the previous bridge, called Camperdown, had covered the waterfalls and blocked the views for residents and tourists. The opening of Liberty Bridge offered residents and tourists alike the stunning vistas of the great falls. The bridge acts as a view to Reedy River from the heart of downtown Greenville, and it has since become an iconic symbol of the city. As a bridge to the downtown of the city, all can enjoy the many restaurants, bars and entertainment that the city has to offer.

Liberty Bridge Jump Off

The Liberty Bridge Jump Off is a unique event hosted by the American Track League. The event hosts twelve professional Olympic level competitors. It hosts men’s long jump and women’s pole vault along with food and live music. This is a free annual event that is a fun way for the locals to get out and enjoy the scenery and community of Greenville.

Tourist and Resident Reviews

Most all tourists and residents agree that the bridge has added so much to the city of Greenville. The reviews state that the bridge affords great views of the falls, with wonderful descriptions of the history and one side of the bridge. Tourists agree that it is a must see if visiting the area. The waterfalls beneath the bridge are beautiful, and the trails below the bridge are a good walk. If you live in Greenville, or are visiting, the beautiful suspension bridge is a must-see. The bridge sways when walked across, and the rock formations with the backdrop of the falls make for a great photo opportunity. If walking from downtown, it is about a thirty-minute round trip walk, and is well worth it to stay longer and soak up the landscape of the surroundings.


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