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Davis Contracting is here to help with your residential roof repair or even new roof construction. We have the largest selection of premium roofing materials that come backed with warranties to give you peace of mind that you’re investment is protected.

A leaky roof, deteriorated boot pipe, rotting fascia board, or any other hole in your envelope can cause more damage if not taken care of right away. It’s better to fix these problems early on before they cause major structural damage, mold, and or critter damage left untreated.

We Are Certified Roofers

Need roofing options? Take a look below to see the vast selection of residential roofing shingles and metal roofing we can use for your job. We offer Architectural Shingles, Traditional 3-Tab Shingles, and Metal Roofing to make your home look great.

Brands We Carry

Products Used

Residential Roofing Shingle Samples

IKO Architectural

IKO Traditional

Tamko Heritage Vintage

Tamko Heritage Woodgate

Tamko Heritage Premium

Tamko Heritage IR

Tamko 3 Tab Glass Seal

Tamko 3 Tab Elite Glass Seal