The Peace Center is located in upstate South Carolina and is home to the cultural center for the area. The center houses a two thousand seat concert venue, an amphitheater, a theater, a lounge and a variety of spaces for events and meetings. The building is a mix of modern architecture with historical preservation and is the main cultural hub in downtown Greenville, SC.

Performance Theaters

The venues that house performances at The Peace Center are the centerpieces of the location. Each separate theater is acoustically and architecturally unique. Performances at these theaters include dance, jazz, classical, folk, bluegrass, pop and comedy. Broadway shows are also performed on the stages of the Peace Center. The Greenville Chorale, Carolina Ballet Theatre, Greenville County Youth Orchestras’, International Ballet, Greenville Symphony Orchestra, and the South Carolina Children’s Theater all put on performances at these remarkable venues.

Arts in the Community

Art education is very important at the Peace Center. The center hosts a nationally-recognized program of outreach that features pre-show lectures, field trip performances, poetry initiatives, master classes’ with world renowned artists, and professional development for teachers. Throughout every year the Peace Center brings art and art education to over 56,000 educators, students and families.

Peace Voices

This is a unique program put on by the center that is host to the spoken word and uses poetry to tell personal stories. The master class is taught by the Poet-in-Residence, and students learn techniques in sharing and writing poetry, as well as brainstorming exercises. Teachers who have students in the class agree that students become more enthusiastic about writing and sharing writing. The class instills maturity and confidence. Putting difficult stories into words and how to arrange those words in an expressive way is a key to the master class. The students learn to encourage others and take risks with expression of emotion.

Poetic Conversations

These conversations are featured conversations, readings and talkbacks with highly respected poets. Many famous literary authors take the stage at Peace Center to talk about topics that impact the community at large. The program fills the need for relevant, intimate and meaningful interactions with the public and the world. It is a safe place for those to be heard and speak truth. All events are free of charge so that all in the community can take part.

Schools and Educators

Giving a bridge for teachers to enrich curriculum is a focal point of the Peace Center. Professional development provides many opportunities to integrate the arts into everyday curriculum. The center is also a great place for teachers and students alike to explore master classes, workshops and the arts, together. Field trip performances focus on tailor-made talks and events that bring students a better understanding of the arts. Artists are also available for talks in the classroom. Teachers can join teacher connections in order to become a liaison between the center and the school. This is an opportunity for the teacher to be in the know about opportunities and programs that the center has to offer.